Few details released in Friday murder

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OKLAHOMA CITY-Neighbors came home to a shocking sight Friday, as several police cars and crime tape surrounded one of the homes in their neighborhood.

Joyce Smith said, “I was trying to get to my house when I saw all the police and people standing around.”

Authorities say around 4:30 Friday afternoon, officers came out to the home to perform a welfare check.

Sgt. Jennifer Morris, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, “When they arrived, they made entry in the residence and found one victim deceased.”

Air One flew over the 1100 block of Windemere, assisting with the search for clues, as loved ones waited for answers across the street.

Investigators have not released the manner in which the body was found but knew rather quickly it was a homicide.

Now residents are afraid there may be a killer on the loose.

Smith said, “I know crime happens everywhere but when it’s so close, your front door is different than seeing it on TV.”

Joel Bradford, the President of a Caverdale Community Association, said, “This is rather strange because haven’t had any murders out here.”

Police have not released the identity of the deceased but residents tell us the victim is an older woman by the name of Rita.

Bradford said, “I’ve seen her walking the streets but she was rather quiet and didn’t seem to bother anybody.”

Smith said, “I never really see anyone coming or going but I’ve seen her a couple of times in the yard.”

Police say they expect to release more information on the homicide investigation on Monday.

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