Thief steals from charity that could have helped suspect

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YUKON, Okla. — Curtice Holland is en route to the hospital for a cancer screening. It’s a trip he and his wife, Earnestine, could not make on their own. Curtice said, “I’m 90 and my children don’t want me to drive.” 

On this day, Steve Jackson is their volunteer chauffeur.

He said, “They need help and we’re here to help them.”

Compassionate Hands transports the disabled and elderly to medical appointments around the metro, free of charge.

Earnestine Holland said, “Compassionate Hands is there morning, noon and evening. We appreciate them very much.”

The Yukon non-profit relies on donations to help families through difficult circumstances.

Last year they served nearly 2,000 people.

Executive Director Theresa Sanders said, “It is important. Every penny counts. It’s my job to raise money to assist the clients in need and we use every means possible to do that.”

One of the most consistent fundraisers is this recycling bin; it generates hundreds of dollars each year.

But someone has been repeatedly stealing from the aluminum can drive.

It’s like taking money right out of the hands of struggling Oklahomans.

Volunteer Steve Jackson told us, “That’s part of our donations for us. What’s going on, stealing from this service?”

Here’s the irony; it would have been more beneficial for the thief to come to the front door rather than sneak around back.      

Sanders said, “What upsets me most is that they come to the back of our organization to steal rather than come to the front door for assistance. That’s what we’re for. If they need money that bad, we’re more than happy to assist.”

They have Compassion Hands for everyone, even a thief.

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