Warrants out? Midwest City willing to make deal

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — Police are willing to cut a deal with people who have outstanding warrants as part of a 50 percent amnesty program. The city is owed thousands of dollars but is willing to let certain offenders off the hook if they pay half of what they owe. 

The city has a list of about 1,000 residents who owe anywhere from $75 to $3,500. 

“Traffic tickets, might be something with a loose dog, or even small criminal warrants like petty larceny or vandalism,” Midwest City Police Sgt. Ken Ericson said.

Sgt. Ericson added, “Some people may be afraid that they are going to come in to pay it and be arrested. This isn’t any type of trick. This is something just to try and get these people to come in and take care of their obligations.”

Police say some people may not even realize they have a warrant.

The program runs until May 15.

LINK: Click here for a list of the Midwest City Warrants


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