Storms possible this weekend

Citizens shoot down new parking ordinance

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FOREST PARK, Okla. — In one Oklahoma community there was a lot of confusion Tuesday night about where homeowners would be allowed to park their cars, trucks, trailers, tractors, golf carts and ATVs come summer.

The small city of Forest Park passed new rules that had some residents cheering and others furious.

The rules weren’t scheduled to go into effect until June 1 of this year.

Mayor Elton Matthews says, “It really wasn’t about front yards, it’s parking in the backyards. There’s some eye-sores we need to clean up. That’s what it’s all about.”

The ordinance would have restricted where people could park any motor vehicle on their personal property.

After two hours of discussion in a special town hall meeting Tuesday night, the board of trustees decided to rescind the ordinance.

It turns out even the police department was against the ordinance the way it was written.

The plan now is to send out a copy of an old ordinance about parking on the grass to remind people what is expected of them.

The issue of a new ordinance may be revisited later if needed.