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Man accused of rape, knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS

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CHICKASHA, Okla. — Investigators in Grady County say a man who is already charged with rape could also be responsible for intentionally infecting multiple women with HIV. Last week authorities charged the man with raping a 14-year-old girl but now they believe there could be many more victims, and it gets even worse.

“He’ll have people that love him,” 23-year-old Nicole Sylve said. “So it doesn’t matter.”

Little Kyler Blake is not born yet, but many tears have been shed about the future he may have.

“I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, crying the whole time I was there,” she said. “It was hard knowing my baby could be infected too.”

Nicole Sylve is HIV positive, and her new friend, Jennifer Goforth, has AIDS.

They share a bond unlike any other.

“By the time I found out I’d had it, it was no longer HIV, it was full blown AIDS and so was my daughter’s,” Goforth said.  

Goforth’s 4- year-old daughter and Nicole Sylve’s unborn baby boy are half brother and sister; they share the same dad, 23-year-old Chris Sylve.

He is in jail, charged with raping a 14-year-old girl.

That investigation led to a much larger and dangerous case.

Chris Sylve is now suspected of knowingly transmitting AIDS.

Both Goforth and Chris Sylve’s wife, Nicole Sylve, believe he gave them the deadly infection.

“This boy is out there giving girls not just a simple disease, something that will kill you,” Goforth said.  

“This case has the potential to affect an enormous amount of people,” Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks said. “The investigation is ongoing at this time. I do anticipate filing additional charges.”

Goforth’s daughter contracted the disease while still in the womb.

“My daughter can’t walk,” she said. “She also suffers from cerebral palsy because she has a low immune system.”

Police believe the list of victims could be longer and they are asking those victims to speak up.

“I pray if there is anybody else, please come forward,” Nicole Sylve said. “Enough is enough. It has to be stopped.”

Chris Sylve was charged with second-degree rape and could now be facing additional charges of knowingly transmitting HIV.