Rain chances possible starting middle of next week

Rain traps residents, strands man in car

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The rain just kept coming down in the metro on Monday. One of the worst hit spots was near N. E. 52nd St. and Rhode Island in Oklahoma City, near N.E. 50th St. and N. Martin Luther King Ave.

The road was closed and flooded badly enough to trap people like Luther Jones inside their homes.

He says, “That’s a lot of water. If it keeps raining I need to get out of here because it’s going to come on up. And if it does, it would be a good thing to do to just pack up and get on out.”

Jones’ driveway looked more like a boat ramp as the day went on.

It poured into the street where Waymon Lee’s car sat submerged up to the windows.

Lee says, “I just went in too far. Couldn’t back out and my car started floating a little bit. So I almost couldn’t make it out of the car myself. Water came up to my knees. I almost fell a couple times but I made it.”

The sight serves as a reminder to be careful around high water.

Authorities ask drivers to stay safe and find an alternate route; turn around, don’t drown.