Man says falsely ticketed for construction zone problem

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Ray Haggard is not happy about a traffic ticket he received driving through a busy intersection at 44th Street and S.E. Western Ave. “I was on 44th St. traveling west and came to the intersection on 44th and Western. I made a left-hand turn going south on Western,” Haggard said.

Moments later he saw police lights in his rear view mirror.

The officer issued a ticket; listed price for that improper turn is $172.

Not believing he missed the sign, Haggard drove back around and noticed there wasn’t a “no left turn sign.” 

He grabbed his camera and snapped pictures.

In one you can see signs facing the other direction but none facing him that would indicate he couldn’t turn.

Haggard said, “I think it is dangerous to not have a sign. There could have been a fatal accident there.”

We worked to find out what is protocol when a sign is missing. 

Civil engineer Richard McCubbin explained, “While an intersection or roadway is under construction, the contractor has the responsibility for maintaining the signage and barricades to keep the traveling public safe as well as their workers.”

We tried to reach the construction company by phone and in person but they were closed.

McCubin said signs being pushed around or knocked down, sometimes due to weather, is not uncommon.

But Haggard said he feels he shouldn’t eat the cost because of it.

“In today’s economy, that’s a lot of money just to give away to the city just because the officer made a mistake and not the driver.”

We talked to Oklahoma City Police and they tell us once a ticket is issued, it can’t be taken back without going to court.

Haggard does have a court date scheduled.

McCubbin encourages anyone who knows of a missing or knocked down sign to call the action hotline at (405) 297-2535.

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