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Cool Cars Again

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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA— He drives the back roads, never the same one twice. Bill Tyson is looking for rusty yard art, a diamond in the rough country, that he can buy and restore to something better than new.

Inside his garage near Indian Hills and Sunnylane Bill shows off a few treasures. “This is a ’29 Chevy,” he points. “This is a ’36 Dodge, and a ’68 Camaro. This is the last year for this body type.” “We do a complete custom build.”

Bill is the owner of this small shop called R-Mac Auto. He buys old cars that might not be worth much and then turns them into cars that everyone seems to want. “Do the all leave the garage like this?” asks a reporter. “We try to make them all as perfect as we can and typically they’re better than when they came out of the factory brand new.”

Rare finds include a ‘one of a kind’ 1932 Ford Pheaton. Bill says, “It’s one of one 2-door cars built.” Projects include this all original 1948 Chevy that survived a building collapse. “One of our wonderful Oklahoma storms came through and blew the building down.”

His 1929 ‘Rat Rod’ is as loud as a jet engine when it revs up. His ’36 Dodge sports ‘suicide’ doors. An old Porsche roadster sits waiting for another coat of red paint. “It’s a ’57 Cabriolet,” says Tyson.

At any one time Bill and crew are working on as many as 15 projects at once, with more always waiting. “It keeps us on our toes,” he says.His market is the people who’ve always dreamt of owning one. Tyson says, “It’s usually the guy or gal that really wanted a certain model but couldn’t afford it at the time.”

Chrome and curves, plush interiors and cool paint. They come in one way and leave practically perfect. The old classics and the new classics; Tyson’s dream factory rolls out that piece of movable iron that a few months ago maybe only he could see, but is now an object of great desire.