Neighborhood upset about new proposed cell tower

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Many in the classic Mayfair neighborhood near May Ave. and N.W. 50th St. are furious over a cell phone tower AT&T wants to put up near the former Mayfair Cultural Center. Homeowner Christine Garlitz is worried about property values.

“When a cell phone tower goes up it can take down property values by 10 to 20 percent,” she said.

Neighbors say the tower is going to be 80 feet tall and will be seen from four miles away.

Karen Garlitz, also a resident in the neighborhood, said she worries about possible health risks.

“The World Health Organization has put out information that it can cause cancer,” she said.

We contacted AT&T about the proposed cell site.

A spokesperson issued this statement:
“We’ve reviewed multiple sites and met with the homeowners to attempt to allay their concerns. Our goal is to improve service for all customers, including our customers in this area.”

The issue goes in front of the city council Tuesday morning.