Trip to movies costs couple almost $100

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Most of us cringe as we pull up to the pump. With the rising gas prices, filling the tank just isn’t fun. It’s even worse when you have to do it twice in one weekend thanks to some thieves.

Lanada Hickerson said, “They’re out there and they’re taking your gas.”

Hickerson and her husband went to see the 5 p.m. showing of the Hunger Games.

They parked in the Tinseltown parking lot expecting the movie to be a nice break from the stress of every day life.

But Hickerson said when the film was finished, “We got in the truck and the fuel light came on. I was angry. I was really angry.”

The gas cap was broken and the Hickersons believe someone siphoned their fuel.

They coasted on fumes to the closest gas station and paid more than $70 to fill the tank again.

Hickerson says, “It was like $138 in two days in gas just to go to the movies.”

Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department said, “I think it goes without saying with the cost of gas increasing that the chance of us seeing these cases is a lot greater.”

Just last week we told the tale of church vans that were targeted by crooks.

Thieves are even willing to punch holes in tanks to get to the gas.

Last month a rash of diesel thefts ended in an officer-involved shooting.

Wardlow said, “As the officer approached this man to talk to him, the guy actually ran back to his truck and tried to back over the officer. Our officer discharged his firearm striking the suspect.”

The Hickersons want their experience to be a warning for others to be on the lookout for gas cap culprits.