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Home robbed of thousands in unique antiques

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. — Police in one of the metro’s most exclusive communities are on the lookout for thieves who made off with tens of thousands of dollars in antique furniture. The home is in the 6600 block of Avondale Dr. in Nichols Hills.

The home is pretty well known among neighbors; over the years it has been vacant quite a bit.

Nichols Hills Police Detective Lt. Casey Nix said, “The house had been unoccupied for such a long time, there were some serious security risks. You could get in if you want to.”

Police say, over the course of several years, thieves stole thousands of dollars in antique furniture.

Nix said, “Some of the items are very unique. One item in particular is very unique. It’s a table that folds into a ladder.”

Investigators have contacted antique dealers around town they are on the lookout for the furniture.

Police say there’s a possibility the same individual has been going in and taking items over the extended period of time.

The victims say they were burglarized during a time they were living out of town caring for a dying relative.

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