In Your Corner: Faith’s New Wheels

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SPENCER, Okla. -- Lynn Viewens is a struggling mother of three who is in desperate need of reliable transportation for her disabled daughter, Faith.

Faith, now six, was born with a rare chromosomal disorder.

"They told me she was only going to live two days," Lynn said.

Faith defied the odds and relies on loved ones for everything.

Nothing comes easy.

The family's van runs fine, but it's tight quarters for faith.

Plus it's missing a handicap ramp.

Faith's great grandma is no match for the heavy lifting.

Myrtle Viewens said, "It's almost impossible for me to do it by myself."

The same goes for mom, Lynn.

She must rely on her sons to help load and unload Faith's chairs.

When News Channel 4's Scott Hines heard about this family's daily struggles, he knew he had to jump into action.

Scott called his pals at the Nathan Shinn Foundation.

"I didn't have a van," owner Brittany Shinn said. "I didn't have anything handicap and I personally know how it was."

Brittany's son was born with a number of birth defects.

Back in 2006 the toddler died after he was severely injured while undergoing treatment at a hospital.

Nathan's nurse later admitted to dropping the toddler.

The Shinn family received a large settlement and continues to use that money to help disabled children, like Faith.

The search for a roomy, handicap equipped van is already underway.

"It would be joyful. It would be exciting," Lynn said.

A tiny baby boy's life was cut short, but even after death, Nathan's leaving a legacy of generosity for a family who knew their faith would eventually deliver.

The Shinn Foundation wants to make sure faith's new wheels are the right fit.

We'll let you know once they secure a van.

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