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IYC: Tempting Offer Raises Eyebrows

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We’ve been getting calls from Oklahomans who received a tempting but suspicious mail out.

The card tells Oklahomans they’ve been selected to receive $100 in rebates for use at retailers like Wal-Mart and Target.

Norma received one and tried redeeming the offer by calling a toll free number.

A customer representative told her she’d have to pay a processing fee with a MasterCard or Visa credit card in order to activate and receive the rebates.

Norma replied, “I said I don’t have either one of them, so they hung up.”

We contacted the company behind the mail out.

The customer rep who took our phone call said he was working on behalf of a marketing company that partners up with some retail stores and gas stations.

He said, “The company which is sponsoring this voucher is Your Benefit Shopping.”

However, we found no mention of such a company online.

We instructed Norma to pass on the rebates.

Now she worries about her friends and neighbors.

“They’re targeting older people, maybe widows that live at home, or older people who live at home who don’t have anyone to look after them,” Norma said. 

Should one of these cards or something similar pop up in your mailbox, throw it away or shred it!

There are too many scams out there to take a chance with your personal information.

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