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Big tires lead to McClain County drug bust

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PURCELL, Okla. — Lt. James Harryman never imagined flying rocks would lead to multiple drug busts in McClain County. He was patrolling Green Ave., when he spotted a truck. Harryman said, “It was a white Chevy with oversized tires. I seen it kicking up rocks and almost hit my car.”

Harryman said the driver made an illegal turn, so he quickly hit the lights and sirens.

Authorities knew immediately something wasn’t quite right with the driver.

The deputy said, “She was nervous, hands shaking, sweating, trouble finding her license and things like that.”

Authorities said the driver, 30-year old Kristin Fulton of Lexington, quickly confessed.

She was hiding a potpourri of drugs.

Deputies confiscated methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription pills and drug paraphernalia.

It didn’t stop there.

McClain County deputies were able to parlay that traffic stop into a bigger bust at a hotel in Purcell.

Deputies said they gathered information during that stop that led them to the hotel. When they raided the place, the suspects were already gone but they did recover more drugs and paraphernalia.

Officials said it was a significant bust, thanks to an alert McClain County cop.

Deputy Chard Hallis said, “You stop a car, then the objective is to track where the drugs came from. We all have a duty to keep our community safe.”

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