Horse slaughter coming to neighborhood near you?

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OKLAHOMA CITY– A battle is brewing over slaughtering horses for food. The group “Respect 4 Horses” was in Oklahoma City to speak out against horse slaughter houses. Founder Simone Netherlands said one could be built in Oklahoma.

“The debate has just become extremely heated. The horse slaughter factions are trying extremely hard in several states to open horse slaughter plants to increase the demand for horse meat,” Netherlands said.

Netherlands said most of the meat would be shipped overseas.
Horse slaughter was banned in the U.S. back in 2006 but last November the ban was lifted.

“I can’t even describe to you how inhumane it really is, we can’t even show the footage of this because it literally makes you want to puke,” Netherlands said.

State Rep. Jerry McPeak (D-Muskogee) proposed a law that would provide a tax break for any company that builds a horse slaughter facility in Oklahoma.

The bill won’t move forward this year but Rep. McPeak believes it would be good for the state.

“It’s an economic driver for us too. There are people who can work there, we’re going to get tax money from it, so for me it’s also a business opportunity for Oklahoma,” Rep. McPeak said.

Rep. McPeak said he’ll move forward with the legislation next year.

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