State issues birth certificate after 3 years

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OKLAHOMA CITY — We have new details involving a young boy in dire need of a birth certificate. Junius Miller, III doesn’t have a birth certificate because of a mistake his parents made six years ago while driving through Oklahoma.
The boy’s mother, Amanda, gave birth to her son in a RV on the side of an Oklahoma highway.

Instead of calling for help or rushing the newborn to a hospital, Amanda and her husband, scared and uninsured, kept driving to their new home in California.

California refused to give Junius a birth certificate because he wasn’t born in the Golden State.

Oklahoma has also been reluctant because there’s no actual documented proof of where the boy was born.

“They told me I needed to go to court, get a court order for them to issue me a birth certificate,” Junius’ mom said. “I did that and they’re still refusing.”

The family, currently living in our state, needs the boy’s birth certificate now more than ever.
Junius can’t get a social security card, enroll in school or receive dental and health insurance.

At our request, the Oklahoma State Health Department took another look at Junius’ file.

When Amanda filled out more paperwork, the state issued the boy’s birth certificate.

“I opened it and that was it, I just started screaming,” Amanda said.

Junius can fix his teeth and enroll in kindergarten.

“So I can go to the dentist,” the little boy said. “So I can go to school.”

While his parents wish they could go back in time and change the past, knowing their son now has a fair shot at life helps ease their guilt.

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