Through rain, sleet, snow, hail… and car wreck?

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A group of Oklahoma City residents is frustrated that the mailman has stopped delivering mail to their mailbox. The problem is their mailbox on the 900 block of S.W. 97th St. The mailbox services eight duplexes, 16 residents.

It was destroyed by a reckless driver who plowed through the box, and three other vehicles, in March.

Louie West said the last time the postman delivered the mail was two weeks ago.

“Well, it’s inconvenient. Instead of walking 50 feet, you’ve got to go two to three miles to get it.”

Apparently the mailman told the residents their home post office would hold their letters for 10 days until the box is replaced.

West said, “But after 10 days they said they would send it back if you don’t go pick it up.”

Rhonda Johnson is also frustrated.

“I need to have free mail. Period. It’s not fair,” she said.

The trouble for the residents is that no one is fixing the box.

Most of the residents are renters.

None of the landlords have volunteered to pick up the bill.

Residents are worried the driver who wrecked the mailbox won’t have enough insurance to cover the replacement after he pays for the four damaged vehicles.

The post office has been encouraging residents to get a post office box for $50 a year.

News Channel 4 called the regional postmaster’s office in Houston.

A spokesperson tells us they are making an exception for the victims of this mailbox catastrophe.

They have agreed to hold the mail longer than 10 days; they will hold the mail until the box is replaced.

Also, the postal service will allow residents to buy a temporary mailbox to put in their front yard.

We’re told the postman will deliver to those individual boxes until the damaged one is replaced.

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