Woman impersonating Walmart worker scamming stores

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EDMOND, Okla. — Law enforcers from at least four agencies are on the lookout for a Walmart imposter. Police say she’s posing as an employee from Walmart’s corporate offices, even wearing a company name tag.

Edmond Police Spokesman, James Hamm, said, “She’s not currently an employee but we think because she knows the system, she may be a former employee of Walmart.”

The large black woman tells unsuspecting Walmart clerks she’s testing the “green dot money card” system and convinces cashiers to load the debit cards with $1,000 dollars or more.

Officer Hamm said, “She sometimes has to show the cashiers how to do it in the register because they don’t know how to load the money.”

In every case, the bogus “employee” walks right out the front door thousands of dollars richer.

She has already successfully targeted stores in OKC, Del City and in Edmond.

Authorities don’t believe the cashiers have anything to do with this scam.