Teen arrested for stabbing elderly man

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 78-year-old Oklahoma City man is found beaten and stabbed to death.

The suspect, an 18 year old, is behind bars.

Police say the suspect allegedly called 911 on himself.

The victim died just four days shy of his 79th birthday.

He had been a long-time family friend of the suspect.

Inside his apartment, Oklahoma City police found Vernon Gowdy Jr. suffering from fatal wounds.

"There was a butcher knife in his neck when they brought him out on the stretcher," neighbor Carol Williams said.

The gruesome discovery came after police were called to a home on S.W. 39th St. by the accused attacker himself, Edward Williams.

"It is unusual the man who attacked the victim called 911 and led them to where the victim was," Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

"He's known this guy his whole life. His mom was the victim's best friend. I don't know what made him do that to him," Cory Zobisch said.

Cory said he's known Williams his whole life and considers him as close as a brother.

Cory's not sure what set off the fatal assault inside the apartment complex and neither are police.

"As far as why he did it, nobody knows. Not even the family knows," Zobisch said.

"The case is still fairly new to detectives, so they're working on motives and those types of things," Knight said.

In the meantime, Gowdy's neighbors and family are still struggling to make sense of the crime.

"You know, it's a tragedy. We'll just try to enjoy life the best we can," Gowdy's son, Vernon Gowdy III, said.

"Things like this shouldn't happen to people like this. He's a good guy," Carol Williams said.

Williams is being held without bond at the Oklahoma County jail.

Police don't expect to make any other arrests in the case.

They don't believe anyone else is involved in the crime.