Bobbie Parker working to clear her name

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Bobbi Parker, the Oklahoma woman sent to prison for helping a convicted killer escape from prison nearly two decades ago, is a free woman Thursday.

Parker walked out prison just after 1 a.m. Thursday.

In all, she served close to six months behind bars.

Even though she's a free woman, the legal fight won't be over any time soon.

"April 5 is a big day for the Parkers. The last 17 years they've been through a lot," Parker's attorney Garvin Isaacs said.

Starting way back in 1994, here at the Granite state prison, Parker allegedly helped Randolph Dial escape custody.

Then on April 5, 2005, at a trailer on a chicken ranch in East Texas, Parker is found living with Dial.

"Fast forward seven years, April 5, and she's reunited with her husband and released from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections," Isaacs said.

Parker always claimed Dial, a convicted killer, kidnapped her and held her hostage for 10 years.

Last fall, Parker was led away in handcuffs after a jury convicted her of aiding the escape.

Even with Parker no longer in state custody, Isaacs wants the Oklahoma Supreme Court to grant the defense a transcript of the trial so they can proceed with an appeal.

"Bobbi Parker did not have a fair trial. Everybody has the right to a trial by a fair and impartial judge and a fair impartial jury," Isaacs said.

Seven years after her first court hearing, Isaacs said there's a practical reason for continuing Parker's legal battle.

"Bobbi Parker's a convicted felon. She can't teach school as a convicted felon. She can't vote. She wants her reputation back," Isaacs said.

Parker has been advised not to comment until after the case is finally over.