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Feathered gatekeepers protect property

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- They are exotic birds that most will only see in a zoo. But in one metro neighborhood they can be found just roaming around.

With their large and exotic feathers, the abandoned peacocks are hard to miss.

Driving by, it's not exactly something you'd expect to see.

Anyone who passes this stretch along 63rd near Kelley Ave. will more than likely see the sign but may not actually see the birds.

"I was driving and I had to turn around. I thought it was a joke when I saw the sign and Ifinally saw this," Angelina Antoine said.

Peacocks and peahens call this area home.

The colorful birds with exotic feathers are always around.

"You'll wander up and they'll be up on the front porch and you say, ‘Good morning guys,’ and they just kind of wander off,” Sandra Pickard said, Scope Ministries.

The birds are neighbors with Scope Ministries.

Those who work here have gotten to know them pretty well over the years.

They also claim to know why they are here.

"Apparently the story of the peacocks around here and where they came from there was an oil man who lived across the street decades ago and he was very eccentric and he raised peacocks,” Pickard said. “When he died they more or less returned to the wild."

But the birds returned.

"They brought them out to kind of be a bodyguard if you will or a noisemaker against people coming onto the property,” Pickard said.

Now the birds just roam around, find a spot to hangout and occasionally pose for a picture or two.

"I thought, this is silly, there is no real peacock out here, but today is the day and it's glorious," Anoine said.