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GPS leads police to suspects

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Technology helps bust several alleged burglars in the metro. The accused crooks were arrested for stealing from a construction site in Edmond.

Police say a GPS device led officers right to the suspects' front door.

"You know, it was a success. Using technology and different agencies, we can really fight crime. We're happy to be a part of it," Edmond police Sgt. Chad Langley said.

The crime started when the builder of a new home in Edmond planted the GPS into crates of roofing shingles and called 911 when the packages began to move.

"Upon our arrival, the calling party explained they installed GPS in equipment at the job site," Langley said.

After the stolen shingles stopped at a house in Oklahoma City, David Miranda, Juan Eduardo, Luis Vazquez and Isidro Martinez were allegedly caught red-handed unloading the equipment.

All now face charges of concealing stolen property.

As for why they allegedly stole the roofing supplies, according to court records, "a witness had been called by the defendant in order to buy the shingles but did not know they were stolen."

Edmond police say thefts from construction sites are all too common.

They're glad the homebuilders are doing what they can to curb the problem.

"It's running rampant in Edmond with all our building. We do what we can but anything these owners can do, we appreciate it. This is an excellent tactic," Langley said.

At least two of the suspects told police they work as roofers.

The construction company that used the GPS tracker actually said this isn't the first time they've used a GPS to catch thieves.