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In Your Corner: Sewer Line Snag

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OKLAHOMA CITY - John Stasyszen is fed up with the muddy mess in his mother, Rosemary's, backyard.

He says he can't understand why Darnell Plumbing and its owner, Roger Darnell, still haven't completed the job.

There's no contract, just several receipts and a verbal agreement.

Both sides blame the other for the delayed plumbing project.

Right off the bat, we noticed issues with a second line, even though a city plumbing inspector approved the project last month.

We wanted inspectors to take another look at the work first. It’s a good thing we did, because our hunch paid off.

Bill Jackson, the chief plumbing inspector, said, “My inspector and myself was not aware that, that line had been broken since the inspection."

We can't say for sure who broke the line and Darnell claims it wasn't his workers.

The In Your Corner team has learned city inspectors issued Darnell a warning because he initially failed to pull a work permit for the job at Rosemary's house.

The city is now working with the plumbing company to resolve things.

“Until you had contacted me, I wasn't aware of the situation," Jackson said. "I went out that evening and I contacted Mr. Darnell and he was gracious enough to get out there to resolve the situation the next day.”

We checked on things Monday.

The trench has been filled in and the broken line has been repaired.

Hopefully Rosemary, who lost her husband last month, can finally start to grieve the loss and move on.

Should your plumbing job spring a leak, we suggest contacting the city's action center for help.

When hiring a plumbing contractor, shop around for at least three written estimates and make sure to get all the terms of the agreement in writing.