Woodward infant survives hail

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WOODWARD, Okla. -- A Woodward couple is grateful their 20-day-old daughter is in good health, one day after she was injured during a massive hail storm Monday evening.

Randy Bell's little girl, Esmay, was cut by glass as softball-sized hail stones crashed through their car's back window.

"It sounded like repeated cannon fire," Bell said.

Bell's family was getting out of their car to eat at a restaurant when they saw a wall of hail quickly approaching.

They jumped back into the car just in time.

"Within a matter of seconds of it hitting, the back windshield cracked and not too much longer after that, it started coming through," he said.

Esmay's car seat was covered in glass and had blood stains from her feet.

Bell and his wife cleaned blood and glass off her face and rushed her to the hospital.

Only a few minor cuts remained on her face Tuesday afternoon.

The Bell's car was one of nearly 300 vehicles that Woodward County officials said were damaged by Monday's hail storm.

A tornado missed Woodward by a few miles to the south.

However the hail that followed the storm is expected to cause nearly $500,000 in damage throughout the county.

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