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14 Arrested in OKC Gang Sweep

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thursday marked a busy day for law enforcement across the metro.

Oklahoma City police, and several other agencies, teamed up to arrest more than a dozen known gang members.

The sweep stretched from Midwest City to Guthrie.

In all, 14 men all from the same Hispanic gang were arrested, most on the charge of racketeering.

It's not the first and won't be the last time local law enforcement cracks down on the illegal activity.

"This related a lot to drive-by shootings other activities the gang including drug use," Oklahoma City MSgt. Gary Knight said.

A neighborhood on S. Byers is one of many where police showed up Thursday to arrest accused gang members.

The investigation this week centered on one specific Hispanic gang, allegedly operating as an organzied criminal enterprise.

"This gang has been acting as a business conducting criminal activity," Knight said.

The arrested suspects are Christopher Alvarado, Edgar Castillo, Elid Miranda, Juan Olivarez, Thomas Ruiz, Jesus Edwards, Jose Perez, Luis Perez and six others.

Most are being held on $100,000 bond.

Police said by cutting down on gang activity, they'll also crackdown on other crimes at the same time.

"Drug sales, robberies, all these things gangs are involved in. It's an issue we have to address," Knight said.

Police wouldn't release the name of the gang they targeted Thursday.

They did said it's possible they'll make additional arrests from the same gang in the future.