“Bully” movie opens in Oklahoma

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UPDATE: Tickets still available for Thursday's midnight showing. 

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The controversial movie "Bully" is opens Thursday night in Oklahoma City.

It has a strong Oklahoma presence in it, featuring several kids and families who have dealt with the crushing emotional impact of bullying at school.

Now meet one teen featured in the movie whose family moved him from Iowa to Edmond to get away from bullying and see how he has found a home in Edmond.

His name is Alex Libby and he said loves his new school.

He is a ninth grader at Edmond Memorial.

But when Alex was in school in Iowa, things were much different as chronicled in the movie, “Bully.”

Libby said, “I got bullied for two out of three years of my middle school years.”

Ironically Alex and his family moved to our state where at least one child has taken his life over bullying.

Alex's mother is glad the movie's producers won their battle to get the movie rated PG-13 instead of R so those most affected by bullying can see it.

Alex's has new-found fame and he has a message for any of those bullies at his old school in Iowa who now want to be his friend over the internet.

He said unless they truly feel sorry, he doesn’t want to talk to them.

The movie "Bully" opens Thursday at midnight at the Quail Springs AMC Theater.

LINK: Quail Springs Mall AMC Theater