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In Your Corner: Retired Airman’s New Fight

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OKLAHOMA CITY – We have new details tonight involving a retired U.S. airman with a big fight on his hands.

Jason Boisvert contacted our In Your Corner team because the federal government wanted to garnish his wages.

Jason was honorably discharged from the military in 2011, yet Uncle Sam continued paying his life insurance premiums each month.

Now the government wants that money back.

The retired airman says he’s tried asking the Air Force to intervene, but because he was discharged, they won’t help him.

Since we aired Jason’s story, the situation hasn’t improved for him.

The government started garnishing his wages last month.

That means his paychecks are much less, therefore he doesn’t have the money to hire an attorney.

News Channel 4’s Scott Hines initially tried calling and emailing legislators, the Air Force, Department of Treasury and the Department of Defense, but so far nothing has worked.

Monday, Scott reached out to a local attorney with ties to Pros 4 Vets, a non-profit that provides services and legal aid to soldiers.

We’ll keep you posted.