Rodents, stench, bugs invading neighborhood

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- Disgusting rodents, an overgrown yard and a gut-wrenching stench.

Midwest City residents are living next door to what they call a neighborhood nuisance.

"If you're sensitive to smell you might want to step back," Jennifer Horton said. "There are roaches crawling right there."

"It's rotting, festering feces, a mixture of God knows what else, food, dirty diapers. I can't even describe the smell it's so bad," neighbor Sara Andrews said.

A few are still creeping out of the house after Wednesday night's "explosion."

Horton and Andrews threw several roach killer bombs inside the place through a broken window and that's when they say roaches fell like rain from the ceiling and poured out of the vacant house.

"She throws the bombs in the house and we could actually hear the roaches falling from the ceiling," Andrews said.

"Hundreds were coming out," Horton said.

Horton called Midwest City Code Enforcement and the city put notices on the door of a home clearly only occupied by rodents that are now migrating to other homes.

"There are rodents living in the backyard, mice, everything is coming over to our homes," Andrews said.

It is a problem the city said they'll check out again and then have to turn over to the health department to consider tearing it down.

"It's never going to stop unless someone comes and takes care of this house," Horton said.

Midwest City officials said they're also going to contact the mortgage company that holds the note on the house to make them aware of the problem.