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Langston officials say altercation “minor incident”

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LANGSTON, Okla. — The Logan County Sheriff and Langston University officials describe an altercation on campus as a “minor incident.”

School officials say an off-duty officer responded to a verbal altercation between a boyfriend and girlfriend Thursday night.

According to officials, the officer attempted to separate the couple.

“One of our officers just attempted to calm the young man down and in the course of doing that, you know, a little movement ensued and another officer, in an effort to assist, sprayed his spray. You know, the wind blows and it gets in everybody’s eyes,” Dr. Angelia Young Jones said, Langston University.

Dr. Jones says the officer was sprayed with pepper spray and hit in the head.

Many students in the dorms came outside to see what was going on.

“Again, there is probably 300 people out here right now because it is 70 degrees outside. They are outside watching all the lights and us and that’s pretty much bigger than what really happened earlier,” Sheriff Jim Bauman said, Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office says multiple agencies responded to the university.

Sheriff Bauman and Dr. Jones believe there was a lot of confusion about what really happened on campus.

“A lot of misinformation about this,” Dr. Jones said. “With social media these days, someone can put out anything.”

The boyfriend and girlfriend involved in the domestic dispute were being questioned by campus officers about the incident late Thursday night.