Rain chances possible starting middle of next week

Okla. County will not test tornado sirens Saturday

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- With severe weather a possibility for Saturday, many cities say they will not be testing their tornado warning systems at the regular time.

Normally, cities all over the metro test their tornado sirens at noon on Saturday.

That won't be the case this weekend.

"We have no plans to test the sirens. If you hear it, take note of it," Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

"If they hear the sirens in Oklahoma County, it means a tornado warning has been issued for Oklahoma County," Oklahoma City emergency manager Frank Barnes said.

Barnes said while many city's in the metro have slightly different standards for when to sound outdoor sirens, on Saturday it's best to remember one simple rule.

"When the sirens sound, take shelter immediately," Barnes said.

Oklahoma City police said because the risk of tornadoes touching down in central Oklahoma remains high on Saturday, cutting out the usual noon test should eliminate any chance of confusion.

"Anytime there's a risk of severe weather we will not test them. If you hear it, you'll know it's the real thing," Knight said.

City leaders remind everyone it's a good time to go over your safety plan and know what to do if the sirens sound.