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Family fulfilling daughter’s bucket list

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Cheryl, 21, died at the Pizza place "Sauced" in Paseo, a year ago.

Her parents, Niki and Eric Bauer, said she was asked to load a material lift with goods; that lift collapsed and pulled her down the elevator shaft.

She died three days later.

Niki said Cheryl was working part-time while going to college.

This mom wants to send a warning to those like her daughter.

"Especially young workers, they don't think anything bad can happen to them at work," Niki said. "If they think there is a dangerous situation at the work place, they should take it seriously and speak to someone about it."

To honor their daughter, the Bauers are now offerring two $1,500 scholarships.

Sales of T-shirts with Cheryl's art and her refurbished car will go to car shows to raise money for the scholarships.

Donations are also appreciated.

Niki said her daughter had a bucket list and these scholarhips will help cross off one of her top items.

"One of the things on this bucket list was to change somebody's life, so in way we're kind of doing this for her."

LINK: More information on eligibility for the scholarships.
Applications are due April 30.