Two arrested for abusing 96-year-old woman in nursing home

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Two Oklahoma City women are arrested for allegedly abusing an elderly woman at a local nursing home.

The two suspects worked at the Quail Creek Nursing home near Memorial and MacArthur.

The pair are accused of beating a 96 year-old-woman.

Police said the victim’s family became suspicious of things being stolen from the room.

As a result, the family set up a hidden camera.

That camera allegedly caught the two suspects physically hurting the elderly woman.

“On the footage you see one of the workers take a latex glove and slap the woman in the face with the latex glove,” Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

Police said one suspect, Lucy Gakunga, can also allegedly be seen on camera wadding up the gloves and stuffing them in the victim’s mouth.

“It just makes me sick to my stomach,” Wes Bledsoe said, with A Perfect Cause.

As an outspoken nursing home watchdog, Bledsoe encourages all families to use hidden cameras to keep an eye on loved ones in nursing homes.

“You have the right in Oklahoma to put a video monitor in the room,” Bledsoe said. “Thank God the family put a camera in the room; doing that, they protected their loved one and others in the facility.”

According to a State Dept. of Health report, investigators cited the same nursing home one month ago for failing to perform a proper background check for one unnamed employee.

Police said the second employee in this case, Caroline Kaseke, didn’t actually harm the victim, but that doesn’t let her off the hook.

“Even though one was doing it and the other was watching, she was doing nothing to stop it from happening, so she is charged with the same crime,” Wardlow said.

The police report shows the victim suffers from severe dementia but did warn her family someone had been hurting her mouth.

The family of the victim declined to go on camera.

Administrators at the nursing home didn’t have anything to say about the case.

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