High-speed chase ends in crash, drug bust

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A suspected meth dealer is in custody after a high-speed police chase Tuesday Morning.

Dakota Barton, 22, attempted to evade highway patrol after a trooper tried to pull him over for expired tags on I-240 westbound at Pennsylvania Ave.

Trooper Jeff Hemphill pursued Barton.

"[Barton] was running on two rims. Both right tires were blown, he was going into oncoming traffic at speeds up to 100 miles per hour," Hemphill said.

Barton led troopers to a residential area near S.W. 100th St. and Fairview, arriving around 7 a.m.

Neighbors and their kids were out waiting for the school bus when Barton ran head-on into a highway patrol car right outside Robert Copeland's house.

"One siren is not a big deal, five or six sirens is a problem," Robert Copeland said. "So I went outside."

As neighbors looked on, Barton fled on foot and troopers chased him down.

"In [Barton's] pocket he had approximately 27 grams of methamphetamine," Hemphill said. "In his vehicle we found ballistic vests and loaded firearms."

It only takes seven grams of meth to charge a person with trafficking, but there was other, less subtle evidence that led troopers to believe Barton was selling the drugs: a list of buyers.

Troopers also believe Barton may be involved with other criminal activity.

"[Barton] may have had some identity theft going on," Trooper Hemphill said. "He had different IDs and social security cards from different people in different towns."

Barton was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

Troopers said he has minor injuries and will perform tests to determine if he was intoxicated.

A list of charges has yet to be filed.

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