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Behind the Scenes: Bob Moore Chopper 4

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As promised, I will give you a little behind the scenes look at Bob Moore Chopper 4.

Today is the camera, where all the magic happens.

We have the best camera on the market today.

It’s the Cineflex V14 HD, it was used to shoot the Summer Olympics, Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet and Survivor just to name a few.

One of the best things about the camera is its 5 Axis Gyros-Stabilization system, so regardless of how the aircraft moves, it provides you with a clear stable picture, no home video action here.

The lens on our V14 is equivalent to an 84x optical zoom which we can double digitally.

It’s great because we can make a shoot look like we are right on top of it when were really miles away.

I fly in the front right and have a monitor to the left of the instrument panel which allows me to see what the camera is shooting.

Sometimes I can’t see exactly what is happening out my window and this monitor helps me accurately describe the events as they unfold.

The photographer sits in the back left of the aircraft they manage the camera by using the laptop control unit and 5 monitors.

An open line of communication as well as a healthy amount of team work enables us to provide you great video seamlessly.

If you have any other questions about the camera or how we bring you great HD shoots send me an email.