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Hundreds drive in to remember friend

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Over a thousand people crowded the Crossroads Mall on Saturday but not many of them made it past the parking lot.

People came to raise awareness and finances to battle cystic fibrosis in honor of Cody Sheets, a 25-year-old man who loved cars and lost his battle with the disease back in February.

Cupcake Meet 13: Cupcakin' for CF Care hosted the fundraiser along with some help from Friction Motor Sports.

"He's up there looking down on us having a fit right now," Cody's mom, Terrie Morris, said.

Getting over 1,000 people to bring their cars to the parking lot was no easy task for organizer Gary Smith.

"The biggest thing is getting the car enthusiasts together to do something great for Oklahoma," Smith said.

But those enthusiasts didn't just show up to raise money, they showed up to honor Cody and his love of cars.

"He couldn't really stay out late and do stuff like that because he was always on new meds," Morris said. "But he could always go out and work on his car."

Cody's car, his passion, was never something his mom could get excited about until today, when she saw it at the show.

Another car enthusiast bought Cody's car and filled it with pictures of the man, turning it into a shrine for the fundraiser.

After she saw the car, Cody's mom said she finally understood her son's passion.

"I used to say to him, 'Cody, it's just a car.' And he's like, 'No, mom, it's a lot more than just a car," and I see that now, I feel that now," Morris said.

The event was originally intended to be a fundraiser to help Cody with his bills but with Cody now passed, the proceeds will go to Cystic Fibrosis Solutions, an organization that provides pharmacy and nursing services to Oklahoma cystic fibrosis patients.