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New text message scam charging your account

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Another text message scam is making the rounds in Oklahoma but this one is unlike the others.

Jackie Frailey owns an iPhone and noticed she had been receiving text messages stating that she was charged $9.99.

"I just got a text, and when I looked at it, it was from BrainCoolIQ Fun Facts that said I would be billed $9.99 a month and it would renew on 4-15," Jackie said.

Many smartphone users ignore the text message, assuming that if they reply, that's when their personal information is stolen.

However, this time, the company already has your information and your account has been charged.

"It said to text 'stop' to it, or 'help,' and there was also a 1-888 number, and I just texted the 'stop,'" she said.

In order to not be charged, you must reply with the word 'stop.'

Since the text message had a contact number, we gave the company a call.

"Someone who knows your mobile number accidentally or intentionally entered it into one of our websites and managed to re-enter the four-digit pin code and completed the subscription process," they said.

Jackie said she contacted her cell phone provider, Verizon Wireless.

They said it's likely her information was given out through a third party vendor, whether that be from free apps she downloaded or links she clicked on.

We spoke with representatives from both Verizon and AT&T on the phone.

They urge customers to contact their provider if they've received a similar text message and they will help credit your account.