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Soldier makes surprise visit to Moore school

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MOORE, Okla. -- A group of metro kids got a special surprise Monday morning; a visit from a soldier they had been writing.

He spent more than a year in Afghanistan serving with the 45th.

Staff Sergeant Michael Conner came home and made it a point to stop by and visit his pen pals.

The third grade students at Moore's Briarwood Elementary sent more than 100 Christmas cards to Staff Sergeant Conner.

He responded to the group as a whole and sent a personal response to the only third grader who included her home address.

Olivia, that third grader, was very excited to meet Staff Sergeant Conner.

She said, "I didn't know I was the only one in the third grade who put my address."

Monday the entire third grade class came face-to-face with Staff Sergeant Conner.

In his letter back to the students, he said when he returned he wanted to meet them.

Conner said, "They took the time to make all of these cards. I thought it would be nice to give back so I could put a face to the kids and they could put a face to me."

It was a lesson like no other, a first-hand account of his time in Afghanistan serving our country and his fellow soldiers as a medic.

There were a lot of questions; some answered with a laugh, others weren't so funny.

Staff Sergeant Conner spent about an hour with the kids, showing them how their kindness at Christmas helped him through the holidays.

He said, "It kind of brings a little bit of home to us and so I enjoy that."

Staff Sergeant Conner has only been home since April 1.

He said he tried his best to write back to everyone who sent him a card or letter.

He wanted to make sure they knew those letters really do make a difference.