Man breaks in through roof, tries to steal motorcycle

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MOORE, Okla. -- A suspect was caught on tape trying to steal a motorcycle out of the Fort Thunder Harley Davidson dealership Sunday night.

Moore Police said Kirk Shields, 32, broke into the building through the roof and then tried to ride a customer's motorcycle out a side door.

Security video shows the suspect wedging the motorcycle through a doorway.

"He just happened to pick a motorcycle with very big handlebars so that wasn't going to fit out a normal door," Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said.

Sgt. Lewis said there was a large double door just a few feet away.

He doesn't know why the suspect tried to ride the bike through the smaller door.

Police arrested Shields on multiple charges including concealing stolen property and burglary.

Police said Shields was also driving around in a stolen truck which they found outside the dealership.