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Update: IYC Team Confronts Craigslist Scammer

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- We have new information involving a man accused of scamming Oklahomans.

We’re talking about a man we've been investigating for almost three years now!

Chris Foster is accused of using his bogus moving company to scam unemployed Oklahomans and customers on Craigslist.

Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to another crime, possession of child pornography.

A judge ordered him to temporarily serve time at a pay-to-stay privately-owned correctional facility in Oklahoma City.

Sources close to the case tell In Your Corner the arrangement was terminated at the correctional facility's request because Foster was too much of a liability and couldn't get along with the other inmates.

Foster is back in federal custody, behind bars in Grady County and awaiting formal sentencing.

So far, authorities have not filed any charges in connection to Foster's alleged moving scam.

Last year turned out to be our one and only time to confront him about those allegations.

He denied any wrong doing.

We're still awaiting a sentencing date for Foster's child porn conviction.

We’ll be there when the judge hands down his punishment which could carry up to ten years in a federal prison and a possible $250,000 fine.

We’ll keep you posted.