Suspect goes wee, wee, wee all the way to jail

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MINCO, Okla. -- Sometimes keeping the peace and keeping law and order means using high-tech tools of crime fighting to solve even the smallest of crimes.

Case in point, when Oklahoma lawmen recently used DNA technology to track down a thief who stole a ham.

The scene of the crime is the Minco water plant.

"I received a call from one of our city workers that one of our city-owned trucks had been stolen and that the water plant had been broken into," Minco Police Chief Phil Blevins said.

Police said the suspect got into the water plant through an open gate and managed to steal a city vehicle but that's not all he took.

"Inside one of the other trucks that he tried to steal, there was ham residue on the knife," Blevins said.

Police say not only did 47-year-old Loyd Dean Vansill break into the city building, steal a city truck and stripped it of its wheels, he stole a ham out of the break room fridge.

"Apparently, he was cutting the ham and putting it in his mouth," Blevins said.

They said he tried to cover up his crime.

He painted over the city decals on the vehicles but he forgot about the knife.

He left it behind with remnants of ham and his DNA.

Police ran the DNA through a database and made a match with Vansill.

It turns out, he's already in prison for something else and when investigators met with him to get a second DNA sample, the case was cracked.

"He voluntarily confessed to stealing the vehicle and burglarizing the city plant," Blevins said.

And as far as the ham...

"He said he was hungry," Blevins said. "That was his exact statement to us."

Vansill is now facing several charges in Grady County.