Sweet Brown, local company team up on website

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's been almost three weeks since Sweet Brown made her appearance on News Channel 4 and since the video went viral, her life has taken a turn.

She now has her own website, SweetBrownApproved.com.

Sweet Brown said, "This guy, Clay and his friend Bryson had came to my house and they was asking was my bronchitis OK, and I was like, ‘Yeah it's OK.’"

Sweet Brown said they instantly became friends and came up with the idea for t-shirts to be sold online and in stores like blue seven.

Clay Tangner, co-founder of Cold Pop, LLC. said Sweet Brown will receive a portion of all t-shirt sales.

"We know that other companies have made t-shirts and other people have tried to buy up domain names for Sweet Brown and exploit her that way, so we just wanted to get a contract in place that would benefit Sweet Brown," Tanger said.

Since kicking off the website two days ago, they've been selling about one t-shirt an hour.

The other co-founder of Cold Pop, LLC., Bryson Panas, said, "As of about five minutes ago, we've had about 2,100 hits on the website since we launched it with the store."

Sweet brown is ecstatic about the response the website has received but not every website is Sweet Brown approved.

"I been hearing that a lot of people have been using my ringtones and selling them without my permission. I guess it's fun to them but it's really hurtin' me," Sweet Brown said.

Sweet Brown said since the apartment complex was partially destroyed in the fire, she hopes the money she makes on the t-shirts will help her to get a new home and maybe a new car that would fit all of her grandkids.

"Get me a nice car, you know, like a mini van or something, so we can go to the park," Sweet Brown said.

Sweet Brown receives 35 percent of all t-shirt sales and said she is grateful for everyone who has been so supportive of her and her situation.

Check out Sweet Brown's new website: http://sweetbrownapproved.com/