Man speaks after being shocked

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Otis Riley said he knows he shouldn't be alive. He knows that sounds like a cliché, but it’s something he really feels in his heart and his burned hands.

"When your whole world lights up, well, that's basically what happened. But there was a lot of voltage in there, I can tell you that," Riley said.

He said his memories of that exact moment run hazy, but he does remember being on a lift outside an apartment construction site in the Midtown neighborhood of Oklahoma City.

Firefighters say a gust of wind snapped a live power line next to the site and slammed the wire onto the lift where Otis stood.

Thousands of volts of electricity coursed through Otis's body.

"I looked up at the sky, the blue sky, and I said, well, I'm coming,” Otis said. “I'm ready to go, I guess. It's going to have to be because this is it. I really thought it was. But, as it worked out, he didn't want me. The man downstairs didn't want me either, so, I'm here.”

He's spent the last few weeks in the hospital and was just released a few moments before he spoke to KFOR.

His family members say, they are still getting over all this too.

"It's a miracle,” his daughter, Marie said. “And I thank god every day because for some reason he decided it wasn't time to take my dad from us. And he's a fighter.”

Otis has not yet decided if he will return to work.

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