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Miss Oklahoma’s crown stolen

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson is heartbroken after her crown was stolen out of her car last Sunday while moving into her new rental house.

Her father, Robert, said they initially thought it may have been a prank.

"After the hours passed and no one showed up saying 'surprise,' we realized this was the real thing, it was serious and that someone had taken the crown," Robert said.

Betty's family was in Stillwater helping her move boxes out of the car into the house, when the crown went missing.

The doors were unlocked for a brief moment while they tried to move her belongings into the house.

"I had a load of Betty's belongings that we took into the house and just for that brief time period, she normally keeps her car locked, she's very good about that," Robert said.

Betty has been participating in pageants for years and has won several other awards which were also taken with the crown.

"There were also the brooches that she was awarded when she both became Miss Oklahoma, and the very first brooch when she became Miss OSU for the first time," her father said.

Shortly after the crown was stolen, Betty took to Twitter to voice her sadness.

She also issued us this statement: "This is not just a crown to me, it represents much more. I'm heartbroken that someone would take it. It can never have the same meaning and worth to someone else as it does me. It is irreplaceable. If you have my crown along with the official carrying case and pins, please return them in the condition in which they were taken."

Her father hopes whoever took the crown will return it; they've set up a way to do so and remain anonymous.

"Unfortunately, with us moving in and out and trying to get her set up for next fall in Stillwater, at that one vulnerable moment, it went away," Betty's father said.

Robert Thompson has set up a phone numberyou can call and remain anonymous with any tips.

The number is (405) 714-9464.

There is a $500 reward.