Pregnant woman run over by car

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- A pregnant Ardmore woman is at a metro hospital fighting for her life after being run over by a car.

Her family said the woman driving the car fled the scene and they want to know why an arrest hasn't been made.

Shelby Miller, 20, has broken collarbones, fractured pelvis and spine, bruised lungs and a huge gash up the side of her leg.

She's fighting for her life while the woman who hit her remains free; she has not been arrested.

"She was so happy, you know, looking forward to having this child. Now I don't have a grandbaby and I'm facing losing her,"Miller's mom, Charlene Rogers, said.

Rogers witnessed her daughter get run over by the car early Saturday morning in Ardmore.

"I'm standing there and I see my daughter get hit. I seen her put her arms on top of the car.  Her arms were like this. I heard her scream, 'Don't hit me, stop, stop,'" Rogers said.

Rogers said her husband and son got into a fight with a couple at a bar late Friday night.

She said the couple later showed up at their house and tried to continue the fight.

"We kept telling them, 'Leave, leave, leave,' and she got in her car. She was parked in the street in front of our house and she was just driving like a maniac, up and down, up and down," Rogers said.

Rogers said Shelby walked out into the street in an effort to defend her family.

Shelby was four months pregnant and lost the baby on Sunday.

She didn't know the sex; an ultrasound revealed it was a baby boy.

She is still carrying him because doctors said the surgery would be too risky right now.

Shelby is on life support.

"When you get told your daughter has a 50/50 survival rate, it's heartbreaking.  She's my only girl, my baby," Rogers said.

To add to the their grief, the family is extremely angry because the woman who ran over Shelby has not been arrested.

"It's not fair that my child is laying in a bed fighting for her life and my grandbaby is gone because of this woman," Rogers said.

The family has set up a facebook page for prayers and support, the Shelby Miller Prayer Page.

Ardmore police said they did make contact with the suspect the night of the incident but did not arrest her.

They would not say why.

They said the investigation is ongoing and when it is complete, they will turn over their findings to the district attorney.

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