Storms aid in lost and found championship ring

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Saturday's torrential rains washed up an unexpected treasure outside Chace Jewell's Edmond home.

Jewell said, "I just looked down and to my left, low and behold, there it was."

Something gold was shimmering in the rain water.

Chace thought it was a child's ring, "Here are lots of kids in the neighborhood and I thought it was just a play ring a child left behind."

It was no child's toy; Jewell plucked this valuable 1974 OU National Championship ring from the gutter and tracked down the owner, Oklahoma State Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi.

Jewell said divine intervention kept the ring from washing down into a drainage ditch, "God decided to make it stop right there so I could get it home."

This is actually the second lost then found Barresi ring.

Last year, an OHP trooper recovered a Big 8 Championship ring, stolen in a burglary in 1993.

Barresi said, "It just means so much. It's like getting a little bit of him back again."

The championship ring vanished a few months ago when the Barresi's were moving.

They never imagined they'd ever see it again.

Edmond police officer James Hamm said, "You never know who's going to find valuable property out there. They might not do the right thing. We're so glad this guy called us and we were able to get the ring back to her. Her husband is no longer with us so it's got to be sentimental for the family."

Two priceless rings, surprisingly both recovered and finally back in the right hands.

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