Man asking city to pay for pothole damage to his car

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Every year the City of Oklahoma City fixes about 90,000 potholes. It costs taxpayer about $1 million per year.

According to city officials, who survey the citizens of Oklahoma City every year, the number one complaint is always the condition of city streets.

Northwest 23rd St. west of I-44 is quite a pothole hot bed.

Hans Owens recently hit a large pothole.

The damage to his vehicle is estimated to be about $1,200.

He documented several other drivers hitting the very same spot.

Owens posted his cell phone video to YouTube.

Owens is now filing a claim with the city of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Streets Superintendent Mike Degiacomo said drivers can file a claim with the city to be reimbursed for damages to their vehicles.

The city council makes the final decision.

However, it's often based on whether or not the pothole was previously reported.

Degiacomo said, "We can't be everywhere so we like people to contact us to tell us where those potholes are. If I don't know that there's a pothole there, then it's very difficult to ask why we didn't fix it."

Owens is pursuing a claim with the city to get reimbursed for his $1,200 trip down 23rd St.

To report a pothole in Oklahoma City call the city hotline, (405) 631-1111, or click here.

City officials are adding an additional crew to their pothole patrol as part of the new city budget that just passed in city council.