Teens arrested after pawn shop burglary, police chase

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Four juveniles are in custody following an early morning break in and pursuit.

It started at a pawn shop near Southwest 26th and Robinson and ended a few miles away with the suspects bailing out of their van.

The owner of the pawn shop is not only angry about the break-in but about the fact his alarm never went off.

Brett Fisher, owner of Dean's Drive-Thru Pawn Shop, spent the morning cleaning up around his pawn shop after thieves broke in early Wednesday morning.

Hours earlier Brett was at another scene at S.W. 27th St. and Indiana Ave. where police were pulling guns and other stolen items out of van.

They also found several opened bottles of alcohol.

A passerby had called police after seeing the suspects breaking into the pawn shop.

When authorities arrived, the suspects took off leading police on a chase that ended with them crashing at S.W. 27th St. and Indiana Ave.

Four juveniles, ranging in age from 13 to 17 year old, were taken into custody.

Fisher said, "The alarm company failed."

The alarm at his shop never went off.

Fortunately, the whole thing was captured by Fisher's 14 surveillance cameras.

He wouldn't give us the video but did show it to us on camera.

In the surveillance video, you see the suspects pacing in front of the shop.

Then they bust through a window and climb the burglar bars, squeezing through the very tight space at the top.

Fisher said, "They climbed over the top and through those little bars. Five inches!"

Once inside they grabbed guns, silver chains and gaming systems.

Fisher said, "We've got them all on audio. You can hear them yelling, 'Get the Playstation, get the Playstation.'"

While it does appear police recovered all of the stolen property, Fisher said he won't let the suspects get away with this crime.

He said, "I will do everything I can to prosecute them, their families, their parents."

Police at the scene said a fifth suspect was dropped off along side the road during the pursuit; however, that suspect has still not been located.