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OKC cyclists honor legacy of Monty Maughan

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Monty Maughan, a 67-year-old cyclist, lost his life in a crash during a training ride at Lake Hefner on Tuesday.

Maughan collided with a team of four cyclists who were riding together on the north side of the lake on the dam.

According to the police report, Tony Baustert, Tommy Duvall, Mark Humphries and Alan White were riding together when Maughan veered into their pack.

Baustert and Duvall avoided the crash.

Maughan collided head-on with Humphries and White.

All three were rushed to the hospital.

Humphries and White had non-life-threatening injuries.

Maughan died at the hospital.

Duvall did CPR on Maughan to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived.

He remembers, "He was in really bad shape. Just thinking about it is difficult. He was not breathing."

By all accounts, the crash was an accident.

Duvall said, "According to all of our friends in the cycling community Maughan was a wonderful man, a leader. He was someone who would help new riders. He was somebody who would babysit for people who wanted to go to rides."

Maughan's cycling club is mourning the loss of a giant who left a legacy of generosity and sportsmanship behind.

In honor of Monty Maughan the OKC Velo Racing Club is organizing a memorial ride Sunday at 1 p.m. starting from Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.

For more information visit the OKC Velo Racing Club Facebook Page.

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