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Middle schoolers pass out after taking drugs

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- School officials say two 8th graders at Webster Middle School showed up at school under the influence of drugs Thursday morning.

Oklahoma City Schools Spokesperson Tierney Tinnin said, "One student passed out in the hallway and then a few minutes later we had the other one pass out in class."

EMSA paramedics rushed to the scene.

When the students regained consciousness, they told officials, they used a dangerous combination of marijuana and Xanax before coming to school.

Both were taken to an area hospital.

EMSA Field Operations Supervisor Colin Roy said parents need to know the physical signs of drug use.

"A change in sleep patterns, unclear speech pattern and appearing more groggy are all signs. Also heavier eyes, slower breathing and slower movement are also warning signs."

There is no word on the condition of those students but school administrators said both were conscious when EMSA medics transported them to the hospital.

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