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Cross-dressing suspect arrested for home invasion

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man is arrested for an unusual home break-in.

The crime happened early Wednesday morning near S.E. 89th St. and Sooner Rd.

The suspect was caught in the act wearing some very odd attire.

Police said the male suspect was wearing a woman's bathing suit and a wig at the time of the break-in.

The cross-dressing suspect remains behind bars after a mother and son woke up to the disturbing sight this week.

"One of the men who lived in the house was asleep when he was woke up by the suspect rubbing on his leg," Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

His leg being groped, the sleeping teen alerted his mother and confronted the suspect identified as Gregory Streater.

Streater allegedly sported a very unique outfit.

"The victims both told the officers the suspect was wearing a one-piece woman's bathing suit, a wig and latex gloves. As a matter of fact, as officers were looking for him, he dropped the wig, the gloves and one shoe at the scene before running off," Wardlow said.

Police said Streater tried to flee by jumping some fences and running down the street, eventually hiding in a nearby field before police caught him.

The good news, the cross-dressing suspect didn't steal anything from the victims' home and no one got hurt.

"As soon as he was confronted he took off and ran out of the house. He wasn't in the house long that we know of," Wardlow said.

One of the victims said she's simply too embarrassed to talk about the crime on camera.

Streater is still being held on a $15,000 bond.

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